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Not so Desperate Housewives - Episode 1 - Bree

Hi babes, how are you?
Everything all right? I hope yes.

- Do you have a wife?
- Do you stay wiht her right now?
- No?
- Do you know what are she doing?
- No? Oh my!
- Her name is Bree? Or Susan? Or Gabriela? Or Nicole?
- Yes!?
- Smiles
- Why am I laughing?
- Let me call to Mister Pasquale Foden, maybe he knows!

Pasquale Foden is launching a series of episodes about naughty wives. One more great idea of this talented director.

Meet Bree, Susan, Gabriela and Nicole four horny housewives always in need of dicks through out the day. In episode one Bree visits the car mechanic that her friend Nicole recommended her.
This is episode 1, enjoy this delicous movie.

Miss Balogh

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