domingo, janeiro 31, 2010


Hi babe, how are you?
Do you know Nadine Denja?
Nadine is my friend. She is a great person and dirty sexy babe.

You are free to call her simply Dine.
This girl are 20 year old and she is a german girl.
She is Escort and SL-Porn Actress.

I was talked to her and she told me about her DIRTY FUCKBUNKER

Nadine's Dirty Fuck-Bunker. A filty and nasty Place for hard Sex, Gangbang and Bukkake, equipped with the best Sextoys in SL. Cum on and have some nasty fun or hang out and watch us fucking and swallowing. Voyeurs welcome!
It's a open minded Place and open for everyone who is friendly.

URL: Soy Nakamori, MASTEREVIL and ARTILUGIA's hideout, Urdenfar (12, 186, 1001)
I hope that you have fun.
Miss Balogh

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