sexta-feira, janeiro 29, 2010

Alexis Pink and Forrest Lannock

Hi friends,
I will talk about two people. One of them, for those who follow my blog, already know. The other is the first time that he appears in my page.

One everybody knows her.
She is Alexis Pink and she already appreared twice in my blog:
- Alexis Unleashed
- Bitch Like Me

She already made a porn movie. I search more about her and today I will post what I find.

She is a total party girl and she loves to have fun! She can totally be a brat at times but im usually really sweet and bubbly. She loves to shop, dance, party, spend time with my twin sissy, and just have fun! She loves attention but dont be supprised if she reject you. Why? Beacuse ... You will need to discovery alone!

He is different from most other men. I slightly know him.
We talked a few times.
He speaks sharply. For some people it can be rude, but looking a little better for his profile and work as soon as one recognizes quality: honesty. Frankness mixed with photographic talents are his qualities.

I took this delicious pictures from Forrest´s blog.
Miss Balogh

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