quarta-feira, dezembro 09, 2009

Two New Videos

Hi Friends,
Do you the felling when you find anything really good?
Its my felling in front of two new second life movies.

One is called "The Yacht Club" by Jennnnna Jameson and Ruff Brocco. This is the kind of film what everybody want to get in. Its amazing.
The Yacht Club - An all star cast takes to the seas in another adventure aboard Ruff Brocco's yacht. Eventually they all head down below and the crew initiates the girls into "The Yacht Club". I hope to enter in this club.

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Tha another movies is called "Holiday in Ibiza" by Pasquela Foden. Jenny takes a holiday to Ibiza, where she meet her favorite football player. Starring Brandy Maesar and Pasquale Foden.

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I hope to have this luck soon.
Miss Balogh

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