quarta-feira, dezembro 16, 2009

Time to Have Fun

"Olá amigos" (is the same like Helo friends in my native language)
Have fun is very important to our health.
I selected some pics of my friends in this delicious time.

Ruff Brocco - This guy is special for me. Is my friend and the first director that i had. He introduces me to pornmovies. Thanks for all, dear.

Pasquale Foden - This guy is a direct wiht much talent. He already did 6 great movies and soon he will do more, much more. Im working with him in his last project. In soon you will enjoy it.

Andreius Coba - This guy is my friend too. I like him so much, he has a great soul and a huge gun.

Jennnnna Jameson - This girl is the most BIG SLUT that I know. She is a great PornSlut. I like her so much and her movies.

Lex Umaga- This guy worked wiht me in "Football Fantasies", he is a great and polite guy. But, He knows how to use his tool.

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