terça-feira, dezembro 22, 2009

TIFFANY NEOX: Delicious Cover Girl

Hi dears,
This time on the cover you will find my delicious PornSister: Tiffany Neox.
I would like to make Jennnnna words mine too: "What a great issue this is shaping up to be for Slutman Lane! First he's got the sexxxy Tiffany Neox on what I think is his best cover ever."

This is the best cover that I saw. Mister Jumpman Lane are getting better and his magazine is really great. Let´s wait to see his new work.

In the Volume 4 Issue 1, the covergirl is Tiffany Neox. The Slut Mag Hot Pussy is Calypso Osterham. And you can find an article coming on my delicious friend, Ruff Brocco. And special guest interviewer with Miss Balogh.

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