domingo, dezembro 27, 2009

SexyLife Brazil

Hi hun,
I hope all of you had an exxxtremely exxxciting Christmas.

Im brazilian, because this I will talk about somethind 100% brazilian: SexyLife Brazil.

SexyLife is a island and a magazine.
SexyLife Island has almost 3 years and it is one of the best brazilian´s places. In this brazilian island you will find nice stores, the best and hottest parties. Two nudes beaches. Place for have fun and sex.

SexyLife Magazine was the first entertainment brazilian magazine made for male in the Second Life, inspired by sucessful magazines of real life such as Playboy. You will find photos of the prettiest beauties of our virtual world. SexyLife is a magazine made by passionate begginers, whose by dedication and persistence have been fighting for constant evolution of them services, that can be compared to professionals. All this persistence and devotion, have only one goal: to please and to entertain us - the reader.

You can find more in this site:

Miss Balogh

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