domingo, dezembro 06, 2009

Pasquale Foden´s Videos

Hi friends,
Today I will talk about a new and promising director: Pasquale Foden.
He already made three movies that show what he can do.
The first film, I already talked about it - here - in my blog.

Now, I will talk about to the last two. Continuing the series on the Pasquale´s couch. This time, he attacked the Ivana Baudin, experiencing "great" power of the director.

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Now, the question is: who will the next taste this delicious couch?

The other new film is called "Nivea (heart) Big Black Cock". Great movie. I saw this film first in Jennnnna´s Blog, she wrote that is a delicious and hot film.
So I decided to check. Now you can enjoy also.

Find more videos like this on The Inferno

"This nasty German slut just loves big black cocks, nothing make her pussy more wet. Hear the horny Nivea moaning loud, fingering her pussy and finally cumming for real! All recorded with voice in SL. I hope you will all enjoy her, just as much as i did"; Paquale´s words.
It's worth checking.
Miss Balogh

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