quinta-feira, dezembro 03, 2009

Do you love a hot video clip?

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This video clip it for all who love much music and sex.
What can I say about?
It´s a incredbile Ruff video. Where you can see his skills get better with every movie!!
Starring in this video: The Bo$$s, Lex Umaga, Adrianna Coba, Jace Milosz, Jennifer Belavidorico, Aliyah Piers, Alexis Pink, Brooklin Fallen, Brandy Maesar, Taisha Corleone, Jasmin Fredericks and Aaliyah Rougneck.

I loved this video and i would like to be into this video clip too.
Maybe next time!
Miss Balogh

PS.: Music Video Remake of Jay-Z and UGK (Bun B PIim C) Classic Video Big Pimpin done SL Sex Style

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