quarta-feira, dezembro 16, 2009

Brazilian Couple

Hi friends, im here one more time to talk about a friend.
Because I think wihtout friends we will be nothing.

This friend is a guy. His is married. His wife is so gorgerous. Her name is Aisha Gregan. He already work with me in "Football Fantasies" by Ruff Brocco. He is brazilian as me. We meet a long time ago in SexyLife Naturit Resort - Nude Beach - but only now we are more close.
His name is Lupus Foden.

Miss Balogh

Um comentário:

  1. WOW! "blushes" I loved it!
    TY for the "gorgerous" You are so so sweety!
    A lot of kisses ;)

    Aisha Gregan


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