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Hi Friends
Its Coming Slut Magazine, December 2009

Volume 3 Issue 7
Covergirl: Tara Porterfield
Slut Mag Hot Pussy™: Patricia Wonder
Feature Interview: Briggi Bard, with special guest interviewer Corsi Mousehold

You can find also: Articles

"Death of a Brand: The History of SexGen(R) in Second Life(R)"
We delve deep in to the past of the most famous of registered trademarks in SL.
From the coining of the term, to it's height of popularity, to its slow decay,
to it's last gasp of life.

"The Summer of Love"
While tarding around SL this summer we ran into Joppa Linden. He was so
impressed with Cheergirl Allen that thewy continued what began as a
passing conversation into an hours long gab fest. Cheergal shared it
with me, I'm sharing it with you. In it you'll get a glimpse of the
interactions between Stroker Serpentine's Eros LLC and Phil Linden's
Linden Research in happier times. Furthur, you'll see the know-how
necessary to steal Redgrave skin templates was well within the skill-set
of Ms. Allen.

"The Godmother of the Sex Bed Industry"
The reclusive SexGen(R) sex bed inventor Briggi Bard is interviewed by
special guest interviewer Corsi Mousehold. If anyone on the grid steals
a sex bed from Stroker Serpentine, Briggi's work (and Corsi's too) is what
they are aiming to steal. AND STROKER STOLE IT FIRST!

And Much more!

Miss Balogh

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