quinta-feira, novembro 19, 2009

Flame Broek and Shaun Binder

Hi Friends,
I would like to talk about two friends who know how to make "Hot Party".
Flame and Shaun.

Shaun and Flame

The first is the creator of the site of social network, Inferno, and the second is the owner of Bangalore State.

Bangalore State is an interracial sex group for people who wanna get their freak on. A whole private estate set up for all members, with gangbang room, bdsm room, office room, multiple bedrooms, hot tub, dancefloor, bar, strip pole. If you are interesting you can contact Shaun Binder or an officer for an invite
I talked wiht him and he told me that he is still looking for more peeps to join our private interracial sex group.

.:The bangalore Estate:.
Who do we need? Hot chicks and big bulls. And since I know more than a few girls in the group that wanna get ganged, we gonna need more hard bangers. Got a whole new private estate set up with a decent security system, so no hassles from the outside or unwanted guests. Just make sure you wear your group tag when you come or you can get booted. All the toys n furniture are there for gangbangs, bdsm, threesomes, lots of different corners and rooms where you can have a good wholesome fuck. There's also a dancefloor, bar and strip pole in the staging area.

Requirements? Just have a good looking avi, be horny as hell and drama free. If you're already a member and wanna be able to invite your friends, lemme know so I can add them or I can give you invite rights so you can bring your playmates.
So spread the word and get on down to the Bangalore Estate.

Flame Broek is a talend girl. She is a director and a pornstar too, one of the special group from hot porn girl in Second Life.
For you know more about her, join in: http://flamebroek.ning.com/

Miss Balogh

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  1. WOW Im so flattered you would put me here and say such kind words! You are awesome Priscilla! Fantastic site!
    XOXOXOX Shaun!
    Flame Broek


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