segunda-feira, outubro 12, 2009


Hi friends, are you a cuckold?
Do you know the best way to find out if you are a cornude?
Yes or No, its the question.

I am writing again to talk about comic/tragic story.
Today the story is about a cornude.
A cuckold who took his wife with another guy.
I hope you enjoy.
Have fun.

DATE: 2009/09/22
TIME: 18:30
Bobby12 Burt: I have to tell you asshole, good article, but its pretty sad that your fucking interference ruined a good freindship [...]. Put that in your piece of shit magazine!
Jumpman Lane: You cant beat me punk. I REALLY know how to fight
[...]You know nothing.
Bobby12 Burt: Your a looser.

Pause ... "Your a looser"?
Open your eyes Cuckold.

Miss Balogh

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