terça-feira, novembro 13, 2018

Game Over

First of all, I would like to thank you.

"I would like to thank all the affection I received in these years".

For a long time the main fuel for me were fans of my work. For all of you, I tried everything I could. It was 10 years of world porn that I lived, and this time was very well availed with a lot of sex and work.

Throughout this period, I did a lot of bullshit. Success took over my soul and in the end I was not the shadow of the person I once was. My start was not easy. When Ruff Brocco accepted me at his club, I was just a disillusioned Brazilian businesswoman with her boyfriend. So I became a dancer. And as a dancer I became a pornstar.

My characteristics:
Birth: 02/12/2007.
I'm a brazilian blonde bimbo girl, who tried the American dream. Therefore I became a second life pornstar and erotic model. I worked in almost 35 movies and several other projects. Some of my features:
  ✪ Sexy✓
      ✪ Slutty✓
          ✪ Naughty✓
              ✪ BBC Addicted✓

Today, I still have these features, but I'm older and with less time for Second Life. Obviously when I get online, I like to have fun. But as a porn actress, I'm retiring.

I still do photography work as a model, and I'm currently looking for a replacement. The person who will replace me, I will pass my blog and my group. If you're interested, come and talk to me.

Once again I would like to thank you all. Despite being an end of a career, my end has not yet come. I will still keep posting on this blog and will be involved with other challenges.

Pri Balogh

terça-feira, maio 29, 2018

Everything He Thinks

by Miss Balogh

Hi friends, how are you all?

Do you know Alexus Minotaur?

Alexus, me and his cock abuses me.

Alexus is a good friend and a delicious lover. He is always open to help me and knows how to fuck me when I'm horny. We are friends for a long time, working on several projects and spicing our friendship with epic clashes on the bed till today.

Besides stretch pussies, he is an adult producer and story creator. 
His former business was Minotaur Productions; now he owns Minotauriam: a place to showcase lovely stories and products.

Check more about his work here:
Minotauriam (under construction).
Alexus' Flickr.

But as you can see in the photos shot with Alexus. One thing is common to all the photos: Sex.

So I went to watch the videos he sent me.
Guess what was the content?



But not everything between us is sex (only 90%).

And when I started working with Alexus, I saw a very enthusiastic beginner to work with me. Before he asked me if I would agree to work with him, I had already accepted. But even so he explained everything, told his interest, how he would develop the whole project, and when he asked me if I accepted, I just said yes.

And today we have a partnership and friendship that lasts more than 10 years.
Besides, he always held me by the hand so I did not give it up. When you have fame and no longer have, you are in doubt, and if I did not stop before it was because of you.
Thank you!


Priscila Balogh

sábado, maio 19, 2018

Alexandria Topaz is Online

by Miss Balogh

Hi dears,

For those who do not know her, and taking her success as a porn actress, can not imagine that her first step in SL was in the fashion world. So to our lucky she has become one of the top names in the pornographic world of all second life. 

I'm talking about Alexandria Topaz

I will talk a lot about her, but you want to visit her flickr and blog, I am putting all the links below

Do you want to know what I feel when I see Alexandria's work? 
Firstly, she is an artist insatiable, when we are talking about sexual explorations. And She can express that in her art. She is a huge celebrity, we never work together, but we are talking to end it. I hope soon, because Im a fan of her work.

Alexandria talks to us - fans of SL Porn World - with her intelligence in her work. Whoever looks at her work soon thinks, "I want to be part of that too." And she's very open to collaborations.

If you want to work with her, you need to have this in mind:

Join my Peaches N Cream Production Group Located in her Group Profile.

Send One Nude Pic of Your Latest Skin   followed by: links of current films you have been in, What Your limitations are, Your SL Time-Availability.

Join My Blog-Bloggers get TOP priority when it comes to casting.

Peaches N Cream Production Group
Alexandria and I are from different generations of SL porn actresses. I consider her one of the great names of her generation. Among all the features I've mentioned, one that I love the most is that Alexandria is a person who always does something for the porn world. She is erotic writer, director, erotic model-pornstar, and she divulges with effort and with pride what she does.

If you want, you can watch some movies with her in the links below:

1.  Her After School Special
2. Alexa In Wonderland
3. Through The Lens-Carnal Hellion

Soon you will see a generation meeting making the porn world catch fire. Alexandria and Priscilla soon.

I love you work, Alexandria.
Priscila Balogh

terça-feira, maio 15, 2018

Pic of the Day: Alone at Home

Alone at Home by Duda Siamendes

Priscila Balogh

Brazilian Squad: Duda Siamendes

by Miss Balogh

Hi baby! How are you?
Do you want to start in the porn career? This post will help you.

by Duda Siamendes

What do you think the photo above?
Today I will talk about an artist who I really likes her work: Duda Siamendes.

Duda Siamendeby Duda Siamendes

And I'll leave for all of you the link for her flickr: Duda Siamentes' Flickr.

But first I need to say something to you.
The first good news I'll give you is: you can take a picture with her
Today we had a meeting and it was decided that you can get a discount of 50L$. 

When you talk to her, simply present this discount code:


Price list of Duda:
- Solo: L$ 550 
- Couple: L$ 650 
- Profile' Pic: L$ 450

Her art is capable of provoking you. 
She is very thorough, her work is not so organic, but she is able to translate the "green background" into any scenario.

If you have not yet visited her flickr, I've chosen some photos to display here.

She is one more Brazilian talented, whom few know. 
Owner of a talent that compares to great and famous artists of Second Life.

How can this help you with your porn career?
Many people do not have a friend photographer.
And some of these people want to get into the SL porn world.
Duda is the artist who will help you illustrate your blog and flickr with little money.

Who charges you a photo with this quality for 450 lindens?

I'll give more tips on future posts about the beginning of the porn career. I will speak of the difficulties. I will also speak of consecrated directors and directors of entry. I will also tell you about other photographers who may be able to help you.

I hope that you enjoyed.

Any doubts, look for me!

Priscila Balogh

domingo, maio 13, 2018

Happy End

by Miss Balogh

Hi, how are you?

I was sad because of the end of my relationship. And it had been a while since I had to do something. I love having fun. I needed to have fun. That's when I met my old friend, Agnes.

For those who do not know Agnes, I'm sorry for you!
Agnes is one of the most famous naughty Brazil.
One day I'll introduce her to you here on the Blog.

Returning the story again, Agnes arrived and asked "Pri, do you remember when we had our parties with more than 10 people?" (These parties were actually orgies). When I was younger we would do this kind of party twice a week, at least.


And obviously, I answered yes. How could I not remember the time I had a hard cock in my mouth, in my pussy, in the middle of my ass and a hard cock in each of my hands? That's when she said, let's walk around and see what we found?

Obviously, I answered yes again. After all, I needed to have fun. And at this moment, there was nothing better than her idea. Our first point was a club that we used to go to when we wanted to meet people and dance a little. It did not take long and two guys came up with a subject. The conversation was very hot, and Agnes and I were already exchanging messages. When the unexpected happened. A third man approached and said "these two guys will not give themselves what you want". And he even added "or are you this woman who goes out with anyone because you are an easy woman?"


"But of course I'm this type of woman, I love sex, I'm nymphomaniac," I thought. But I did not respond to him, and of course the way he approached me made me very nervous. "It's none of your business to me," I replied irritably.

That was when, instead of being angry, he smiled. "Pretty, dirty, whore and asshole, kind of woman I despise." I do not know what happened to me, but I felt provoked and instead of talking to my friend and the two men, I happened to pay attention to this third man.

Somehow, that guy entered in my mind. And I just wanted to prove it to him that I was better than he imagined. Agnes noticed what was happening and said, "Go on, Pri, I'll handle these here." And I went towards him.


What happened after this attitude? 
Oh my God! 
It was almost 2 hours of pure and wild sex.

I do not spend much time hanging around for hours and hours. But there are moments that are great. I'd rather the guy finish me in 30 minutes (you're the best). The guy turned me inside out. He knocked on my face and spit on me. He fucked me like I was an animal. My body swayed non-stop. My tits jumped up and down. I just screamed and moaned as that huge cock came in and out of my pussy. 

In the ent, he poured his milk between my legs. 
And then he told me to leave. 

When I going, he said loud "I was right about you. You are dirty and very whore". 

I back to my home happy and with my pussy fed! Because I used his cock as I wish.

Priscila Balogh 

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